Automatic filter

It is a fully automatic machine, where the products – transition filters are gradually assembled on a rotating 16position carousel. It is a very precise and sensitive product designed for medical purposes to filter blood or blood plasma.

For this reason, the key operation in the assembly of the product is accurate and precise welding of the cut-out filter with the help of ultrasound. The accuracy of the position of the welded circular filter in one of the components must be in the hundredths of a millimeter. In total, the product consists of five main parts, which are automatically transported from the vibrating conveyors and vibrating bars to the place of collection and subsequent deployment on the carousel.

All key operations are continuously monitored and immediately checked. The machine is equipped with four vibrating conveyors, six electric FESTO axes, an industrial screwdriver from DEPRAG, which is used to automatically screw the protective cap with a precisely defined torque, two ultrasonic units for UV welding from HERMANN and a device for checking the tightness after UV welding by CETA.

Important quality parameters are monitored and evaluated by Keyence camera systems. With its concept, it is a technologically very complicated machine.

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