Automatic machine for implantation cannulas assembling

The high-precision automaton consists of interconnected sets of stations performing partial, consecutive operations. The individual components of the final products are transported to the machine automatically by means of vibrating conveyors or rotating revolver systems.
The cannula holders are poured into the system of vibrating conveyors from the bags twice a day and then automatically inserted into the clamps on the carousel. Since it was necessary to insert the holders into the clamps, we had to implement a control station that sorts the holders and allows to „release“ only the correctly oriented ones.

Further orientation awaited us with the cannulas, where the orientation of the cannula tip relative to the holder during deployment was also required. Thus, the cannula had to be rotated before insertion in the correct angle of the blade. This is done on the principle of direct illumination and continuous reflection / reflection, which is evaluated immediately /. The maximum deviation of the cannula and the holder after insertion is 5 °.
The process is followed by operation of gluing the cannula to the holder and curing the UV. Bonding is done with Loctite units in two batches and curing is also gradual using UV LED. Due to the requirement of an accurate dose of glue, the amount of dose is sensed and evaluated using camera systems. Also, after gluing, a camera check is performed to see if the tolerance of rotation has not been exceeded. In addition, the quality of the cannula tip is checked to see if it is not damaged.
Subsequently, other automatic operations are performed, such as inserting the mandrel into the cannula or inserting the protective cap. And all this takes us 3.2 seconds!
Of course, continuous data collection and sending to the SQL database on the customer’s server, where he has an immediate overview of the current production batch, or the ability to monitor long-term production statistics.


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