Cannula degree of contamination of the inner diameter of the cannula 

This machine was designed based on customer’s request, which required to verify the purity of the semi-finished products supplied to him for the subsequent production of cannulas, as the input semi-finished products must also have a guaranteed purity.

We were asked to design two identical test equipment, one to be installed at the customer’s and the other at the supplier’s, to check the degree of internal contamination on the samples

Based on precise specifications, we designed a device that automatically smears the inside of the sample and then evaluates the degree of contamination by recalculating the number of pixels. The swab is made with a cotton swab of precisely defined parameters and is performed vertically from top to bottom and then back. Then the cotton swab is pushed out in front of the camera system, where the pollution control takes place with the subsequent evaluation OK, NOK.

This device is operated as a control device and is intended primarily for laboratories.


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