Double assembly semi automatic machine

We have just completed and handed over a semi-automatic machine for the healthcare sector to the customer. It is a double semi-automatic machine, where the operator manually inserts cannulas into the cannula holders which were transported and placed on rotation carousel.Cannulas have blade at both ends.

The cannula holders are inserted into the clamps automatically using manipulators. They are inserted oriented with automatic distribution to the right and left part of the loading system. The holder is through and the cannula must be positioned exactly in the holder before welding. The lower stops with fine adjustment located under the clamps are used for positioning and guidance of the cannulas. After inserting the cannulas, carousel rotates to the next position where cannula is automatically welded by the inductor.

As the machine is located at the customer’s premises in Class 8 cleanliness, the semi-automatic machine had to be designed for this environment from the beginning. For example, the place where welding takes place is extracted and the extracted air is removed outside the clean room through filtration. Also, all components of the machine that are in contact with the products are made of stainless steel or POM material.

A health certificate is automatically documented for all components. After welding, a tensile test of the strength of the joint is performed with immediate evaluation. As it is a very sensitive product, all operations are monitored by high-resolution cameras.

Complete production statistics are sent to the SQL database to the customer’s server by default and are used for subsequent evaluation.

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