Implementation of a step-by-step assembly line

Based on the customer request, we implement completely (e.g., original design to the handover) the development and production of a line in which the final products are assembled under precisely defined procedures.

A semi – automatic production, primarily the operators insert holders into the carousel clamps manually, then they insert the cannulas to the required position. After the turning of the carousel the cannulas are visually inspected by a camera and, in case of OK, are sealed in two phases using Loctite dosing units. This is followed by curing of the adhesive and a once over camera inspection. In the next step, a mandrel is manually inserted into the cannula, which must also be oriented accordingly to the cannula tip. The cannula diameters are small, and thus even smaller mandrel diameters are required, to perform these operations under magnifying glasses. Subsequently, a plastic „cap“ is placed on the very end of the mandrel and it is welded to the mandrel in a high frequency.

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